Welcome To Spigelmyer Plumbing!

Serving Montgomery, Philadelphia, and parts of Bucks County



We are a full service plumbing & heating business.  The heating service we offer is for hot water style heating. Examples of this would be radiant heat, radiators, baseboard, and boiler installations. We handle all plumbing related services from small jobs such as a toilet repair to a full bathroom remodel.


If you are interested in a bathroom remodeling project, we have a great deal of experience in this business. We handle the whole process from rip out to finish.  We bring in the pros to do the tile, electric, and any other specialty that is needed.  The relationships we have built with our subcontractors allows us to coordinate these jobs seamlessly and make sure you get the highest quality job upon completion.  Please look at the photos on our site as we are constantly updating with new jobs we are completing.  


Tankless water heaters have also become a big part of our business in the last few years.  This technology has been used in Europe and Asia for years and is now becoming very popular in the US due to increasing energy costs.  Tankless systems are good for the environment and offer energy savings.  We are certified installers for tankless water heaters and have many years of experience installing them.  Please call us for more information.